Teams Coach Programme

A Teams Coach typically works with multiple teams, typically as an Agile Coach.  This programme is designed to take an individual to the level of the Scrum Alliances Certified Teams Coach (CTC).

Programme Structure


Learning Objectives

  • Describe 2 models for large scale Agile development with 10 plus teams
  • Describe the fundamental concepts of Systems Thinking
  • Select 2 different practices to foster team dynamic development per stage
  • Plan and facilitate a team/product charter or lift off session
  • Obtain knowledge of what can be achieved beyond Scrum
  • Describe the difference between a Coach, Mentor, Trainer and Consultant
  • Describe some fundamental approaches of psychology that can effect teams
  • Demonstrate a complete intervention
  • Use methods to introduce engineering practices
  • Set up a coaching session and critique own execution
  • Apply organisational change patterns to resolve complex issues with teams that you work with
  • Outline a large group facilitation session
  • Create and Train a Scrum introduction session for a team new to Scrum
  • Have a mentoring relationship and describe the benefits this has made
  • Compare 3 alternative organisational approaches for Scaling Agile