The Agile Coaching Academy was created by a team working at the Geneva Scrum Coaching Retreat.


For Organizations and persons who want to build an internal team of Agile Change Agents in order to nurture a sustainable Agile culture we build a learning and development path – including learning objectives and implementation steps.

The Framework

Is a framework that is free for organisations and professionals supporting them to use in the pursuit of building capability to towards a sustainable Agile culture.  The Team have committed to continue to work on this.  The development path that we focused on was the coaching path.  The model that we built our learning and development framework on was taken from the agilecoachpath.org, our version is below:


We then defined 4 stages to the journey:

  • Agile Foundations (Mindset) – the foundation for everyone in an Agile organisation (Everyone needs this)
  • Team Facilitator – for practicing Team Facilitators/Coaches or ScrumMasters (You need one per team)
  • Teams/Personal Coach – for Agile coaches working across teams or as a personal coach (You many need a few of these)
  • Enterprise Coach – for those coaching executives and advising on organisational transformation (You probably need 1 or 2 of these, no programme was developed for this part of the path)

The Team

Raj Kidambi, Sabine Canditt, Andreas Schliep, Rickard Jones, John Barratt, Chris Nikitas, Tom Reynolds, Silvana Wasitova and Mark Summers