Agile Foundations (Mindset)

This programme is about embedding the principles and mindset of an Agile approach and is the starting point for anyone involved in Agile. It is designed to introduce an individual to the level of the ICAgile’s Agile Fundamentals (ICP).

Programme Structure


Learning Objectives

  • Understand the Agile Mindset. How does it differ from the Command and Control Mindset. How the Manifesto values and Principles under pin the Mindset but are in itself not the mindset.
  • Understand the benefits of an Agile Mindset. Why we need to change.
  • Learn the evolutionary history of Agile even before the Manifesto was written.
  • What are the barriers to communication, collaboration how does the Agile Mindset solve these. Share knowledge on value based work, self organisation and environment local.
  • Learn the approach of the Mindset. Outcome value based over effort/task allocation. Incremental to Iterative to Agile. MVP, Vertical Slices and Adaptive Planning.
  • How Agile helps you obtain Continuous Quality through Inspect and Adapt (demo’s, PSI and retrospectives).
  • Role of the customer. Sponsor, Buyer, User. Why the customer is involved continuously.
  • Role of the team. Focus on Product with Quality over Allocation and up front big planning/analysis/designs.
  • Why the team lead needs to a Servant Leader and Coach the team rather than Instruct the team. What is coaching.

Course Slides (Beta):

Agile Fundamentals Course Slides – LibreOffice Impress

Agile Fundamentals Course Slides – MS Office PowerPoint